Beauty Should Compliment Your Life
Pelican Drafting designs achieve style with function.

If you've ever compared residential architecture in different U.S. regions, you'll easily agree that south Louisiana takes the lead on style. Sure, large homes are beautiful no matter where you look. But where we live, even modest houses have an elegance and finish that go unmatched.

Pelican Drafting designs have contributed to the beautiful landscape of deep south neighborhoods for two decades. Our designs pinpoint that certain style you've dreamed of. But that's not all. They fit the way you live. For example:

You may like French-Mediterranean design. Great. It's when you tell us you've got a large family we'll modify the plans to include a game room for the kids and sound-isolated space for you and your spouse.

Or maybe you've set your sights on a Florida-style home. When you talk to us about how often you entertain, we'll look at options that include a double oven for Thanksgiving, a built-in entertainment center for football parties, or a larger patio for wine and cheese.

At Pelican Drafting, it's not enough that your home looks the way you imagined it. Your home needs to live the way you imagined it.