Pelican Drafting
Over two decades of elegant, efficient design.

Ronnie Bourgeois and Greg Pellegrin founded Pelican Drafting in 1984. Their early work gained the trust and respect of Baton Rouge builders who respected the partners for their attention to detail and diligent understanding of the trade.

The 80's proved challenging when oil companies pulled out of Louisiana. That's when the pair diversified and began work in Tennessee. As the Louisiana region's economy diversified in the 90's, the company found solid footing in the construction growth that ensued.

Home design has come a long way since then, but the style and functionality these partners contribute is timeless. With an emphasis on practical elegance, Bourgeois and Pellegrin have remained on the forefront of building design nationwide.

Today the partners continue their growth online, offering an array of their most popular plans for clients nationwide. Modifications can be made directly or through an innovative system done completely from the comfort and convenience of a home computer.

Past, present and future, Pelican Drafting remains the best choice for home designs.